Humpy Salmon, Orca Whales and kids



Madyson from Greeley Co & Zach from Rye NY
8 year olds with their limit of Humpies
Kids with smiles it doesn’t get any better
O by the way it does get better as we say the Killer Whales this morning in Shilshole Bay and the catching of the Humpies continued just as they were swimming past the boat.
epic trip I am sure the Kids and certainly all us adults will remember for a long time to come.

One Response to “Humpy Salmon, Orca Whales and kids”

  1. Tom Hart Says:

    If you are in the Seattle area and want to go salmon fishing, you owe it to yourself to book a trip with Gary Krein and All Star Fishing Charters. Betsy, Madyson, and I had a terrific time. I am an avid angler but Betsy and Maddy are not. They occasionally like to fish as long as the action is fast but that is about it. However, they absolutely loved this trip. Gary is excellent with novices and children. He is patient and very willing to answer all questions and to teach you about fishing for salmon. Captain Dan was along as well, and he and Gary worked their tails off to get us into as many salmon as possible. We were lucky enough to have orca whales alongside the boat which really capped off the trip. Maddy still hasn’t quit talking about the orcas and the salmon she caught. It was a first rate trip, and I will book another one the next time I am in Seattle. I may have to visit just to go salmon fishing with Gary again. Thanks Captain Gary!

    Tom Hart

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