King Salmon fishing

We decide we are going to depart at 5AM to take advantage of the early morning Coho bite off Jefferson Head so we have Lisa Chapman here Sister Lori and their husbands arrive early to get going as soon after 5Am as possible.
Lines in the water at 5:30AM and nothing for 30 minutes, so much for the early start, but then the Port downrigger goes off and we land a nice resident Coho. A few minutes later the starboard downrigger gets bite and another Coho in the box, one more on the Port downrigger and the bite dies.
After trolling for an hour without any bites we decide its time to go deep after the Chinook, off comes the dodgers and on go the flashers and spoons.
Lower the Downriggers to 200 feet and start fishing for Chinook, within 20 minutes the Port Downrigger gets a hit and the fight is on. Unfortunately after 5 minutes of fighting a good Chinook a seal grabs the fish, but we are able to wrestle it away and land a Chinook with a fin, so back he goes.
Gear back down and 15 minutes later the Starboard downrigger gets a bite and after a nice fight we put the wood shampoo to a nice fin clipped Chinook.
The bite continues for us off and on with the downriggers mostly taking turns and by 11Am we have landed 7 Kings and kept 2 fins clipped King Salmon along with the 3 Coho.
This is the 4th day in a row with these king salmon hanging out where we have been fishing, although the Mark rates have been around 30 percent with most of the fish being not clipped it has been a great Puget Sound bite on king salmon as we now have landed 40 kings this week.

Seattle King Salmon

Kings for the day

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