December Fishing report


Possession Bar has closed for winter kings, but area 10 and area 8.1 along with 8.2 remain open for these good fighters and so good tasting salmon.

Another option is fishing the San Juan Islands which opened December 1 for winter kings.

Winter Kings Fishing reports


“Professor of Puget Sound”

Gary Krein

(425) 252-4188

Gift certificates make great Christmas presents and can be used for any fishing trips we do.

Safety tip of the Month

Slips and Falls are not cool

Icy and or wet areas can be very slippery so take extreme caution when going up or down the docks.

You might be lucky to get just a pain in the butt, but broken bones cost time and money

so be safe

Boating tip of the month

Freezing weather is serious business when it comes to boats

If you store your boat in the water year round then make sure to have a heater, light bulb or something in the bilge to keep the thru the hull fittings from freezing.  a frozen thru hull fitting can easily sink the boat when it thaws.

Make sure if you have a outboard motor that the trim is lowered so water cannot collect in the lower unit and freeze which will break the housing.

Fishing Gear tip of the month

Buy someone you love that special fishing gear you think they want.

Hint-Hint maybe now is when your wife needs some new fishing gear.

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