fishing report

Area 8.2
November 1 open for all Salmon
Winter Kings (Blackmouth)
Saratoga Passage here we come as this area has been closed to Chinook salmon for 6 months and will remain open for the next 6 months.
Elger Bay, Mabana, Sandy Point, Langley, Area 51 are all spots to find and catch Winter Kings in Saratoga Passage.
Tops lures have been spoons fished behind Flashers in 80 to 150 feet of water, fishing close to the bottom.
Best time has been around first tide change of the day usually before noon.

Area 8.1
Opens November 1 for winter kings

Now we will start getting some reports as this area is popular for Winter Kings.
Baby Island, Green Bank, Ole’s Hole on the Whidbey Island side with Rocky Point and Onamac on the Camano Island side to name a few good winter king holding spots.

Area 9
Opens November 1 for Winter Kings (Blackmouth)

Finally Winter King Salmon fishing has officially arrived on Possession Bar.
Trolling the ledges and drop offs looking for bait and then feeding Winter Kings will be priority number one.
Fishing 90 to 200 feet deep with King Fisher lite spoons or Green Squids behind Jim’s Breakaway Flasher will be my number one attack lure.

Area 10
Open for Salmon, Coho Chum and Chinook

Spotty results this past week, with a couple Chums at Jefferson Head and a couple Winter Kings at Kingston.

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